SunComm SC-0295iG - Gateway GSM VoIP - 2 SIM

SunComm SC-0295iG - Gateway GSM VoIP - 2 SIM

El SC-0295iG es un Gateway GSM VoIP metálico con 2 puertos GSM expandible a 8 SIM Cards que puede ser usado con cualquier PBX IP basado en SIP. Soporta envio de mensajes SMS con Open API para desarrollo.

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El SC-0295iG es expandible a los modelos SC-0495iG, SC-0695iG y SC-0895iG para 4, 6 y 8 SIM Cards respectivamente con la compra de módulos adicionales para 2 SIM Cards SC-02GSM.

  • Point to Point Protocol over Ethernet (PPPoE) Client Support.
  • Built-in PPPoE client for establishing a DSL link connection with the ISP. There is no need to install a further PPPoE driver on computers.
  • Smart QoS.
  • It provides smart QoS feature to provide stable voice quality while users access internet from private LAN to internet at the same time.
  • VoIP to GSM call termination: 16 concurrent calls, termination calls from VoIP to GSM network; Origination: GSM to VoIP.
  • Maximum 16 concurrent calls for each unit, calls from GSM network over VoIP.
  • Flexible choice, worldwide GSM network usable.
  • SMS supported.
  • SMS sending and receiving - provides open API interface for third party to develop their own business.
  • Management & maintenance.
  • Remote SMS recharge, Hot plug SIM cards, SIM cards ’ PIN protection, easy for maintenance.
  • Flexible number manipulation.
  • Support 32 number manipulation rules, replace the call prefix and send calls to different ports and port groups.
  • Route management.
  • More than 2 Softswitch/ SIP server send calls to SC-1695i, white & black IP list management.

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